Discover a world of musical possibilities at GMI, where we offer a diverse selection of guitar lessons across a range of musical genres, suitable for individuals of all ages and skill levels. Our courses are designed to be highly customizable, allowing us to meet the unique needs and goals of each student. Most of our lessons are conducted in a private, one-on-one format, ensuring personalized attention and tailored instruction. Every private guitar lesson is meticulously crafted to cater to the specific requirements of the student.

At GMI, we cater to the needs of beginner, intermediate and advanced students by providing specialized instruction in advanced guitar fingerboarding and classical guitar techniques. These advanced techniques aim to enhance dexterity, foster familiarity with written scores, and elevate soloing skills, among other advanced guitar techniques.

With GMI, you can embark on a musical journey that aligns with your interests and aspirations. Our dedicated instructors are committed to helping you achieve your full potential as a guitarist. By enrolling in our courses, you'll receive customized lessons that address your individual needs, empowering you to master advanced techniques and broaden your musical horizons.

We offer classes in all styles; Rock, Jazz, Blues, Classical, Country, Folk and Funk.

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