Experience the joy of playing woodwind instruments with GMI's expert woodwind teachers. We prioritize a customized approach, crafting a unique lesson plan for each student to ensure optimal progress. At GMI, we strive to bring music alive, one note at a time, by providing the right guidance and instruction tailored to your specific needs. Our welcoming environment fosters a positive "you can do it" attitude, while offering enjoyable and easy-to-learn styles and songs that lay the foundation for future lessons.

As our GMI students develop their skills, we gradually introduce more challenging songs, styles, scales, and exercises to further enhance their overall playing ability. Our goal is to provide a well-rounded musical education that nurtures growth and encourages continuous improvement.

Whether you're interested in saxophone, flute, or clarinet, GMI offers one-on-one lessons with professional instructors. Our lessons are designed to cater to each student's level of proficiency, striking a balance between being challenging and fun. You can expect engaging and rewarding sessions that help you unlock your potential on your chosen woodwind instrument.

We teach several styles of piano; Rock, Jazz, Blues, Classical, Country, Folk and Funk.

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